Hi Folks,
Here is the second new Monopoly board game on the Amazon site.
It has new features that could become a new board on Jim Kitchen's game if someone wants to do the board file.
Monopoly Here and Now World
by Parker Brothers
Get ready to wheel and deal in the millions of dollars with your own monopoly credit card and a digital banking device that keeps track of your balance Each game includes six randomly selected movers based on items that are iconic to the continents Join in the biggest MONOPOLY game yet, where the deal button adds an extra element of excitement so, for a fast and frantic game, deal away As you play discover interesting facts about the world on the chance and community cards Contents: 1 game board, 1 banker unit, 6 randomly selected movers, 28 Title Deed Cards, 16 Chance cards, 16 Community Chess cards, 6 Monopoly Bank Cards, 32 houses, 12 hotels, 2 dice and instructions

Electronic Banking Comes to the Monopoly World
Perhaps the biggest addition to this version is electronic money management. The banker unit offers two slots--one for paying money and one for receiving money. You'll have to keep tabs on the millions (M) and thousands (K) when entering numbers, and make sure each card is inserted correctly, but overall, the unit makes handling transactions easy. It also makes taking a break from a game and coming back to it later simple by saving player information until you clear it.

One neat aspect of the game is that you don't know which 6 pieces your game will come with. The options are: (
North America) Canadian Mountie, Cowboy Hat, Baseball Glove, Nascar, (
South America) Inca Mask, Inca Statue, Easter Island Moai, soccer ball, (
Europe) London Cab, Pretzel, Matador, Windmill, (
Africa) Safari Hat, Egyptian Head Mask, African Mask, Camel, (
Asia) Chinese Dragon, Tuk-Tuk, Russian Dolls, Sumo Wrestler, (
Australia) Kangaroo, Koala bear, Surfer, and Boomerangs.

You also get a mix of houses and hotels from each location which are really interesting. The locations, starting from "GO" are: (Brown) Gdynia, Taipei, (Light Blue) Tokyo, Barcelona, Athens, (Pink) Istanbul, Kyiv, Toronto, (Orange) Rome, Shanghai, Vancouver, (Red) Sydney, New York, London, (Yellow) Beijing, Hong Kong, Jerusalem, (Green) Paris, Belgrade, Cape Town, (Dark Blue) Riga, and Montreal.

The four what would be "railroads" in the original game are "Monopoly Rail", "Monopoly Air", "Monopoly Cruise", and "Monopoly Space."

The two that are normally the water company & electricity are "Solar Energy" and "Wind Energy."

Game Play:

The board comes with standard dice and cards (the electronic system is just for banking). The instructions recommend that if you have several people playing making one person's job the banker (and that's it). You will need it with this banking system. It has a noticeable lag in transactions and once the game gets going where every turn has bank transactions occurring it will take one full person to do this job.

*Banking system is easier to keep up with and add up (in the end) than the paper money. Also you don't run into the problem of running out of paper money
*The 6 pieces from the 20-30 available are interesting
*The "world" theme adds an interesting twist. My little sister said on the first game "Woo! I got Boardwalk, uhh I mean Montreal" :)
*The houses from each different country are very creative

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