Games we'd like to play.
by Phil Vlasak
Flip a Coin!
Have you ever wanted to flip a coin and had none?
Do you dare flip your last coin and watch it roll into the sewer?
Now, a new game from PCS,
Flip a Coin!
With over 500 real coin sound effects in CD quality stereo.
You'll never hear the same coin twice!
If you have surround sound you can hear a coin land in front or behind you!
And if you have a joy stick with force feedback you can feel the coin land, and sometimes bounce!
Is it Heads or Tales, you'll never know!
Are you psychic? Try Flip a Coin and find out!
The world's easiest game to play.
Just hit the space bar, and listen to the results!
That's all you need to do!
The game is self voicing with real human voices saying
Heads or Tales!
No robot SAPI voices involved.
And what is best, it works on any computer!
It comes in DOS, Windows, Apple Macintosh, and Linux versions!
It cost only $29.99 and for an extra $19.95 you can receive the
On-line version, so you can Flip a Coin with your friends!
If your parents say your computer is good for nothing,
show them Flip a Coin and prove them wrong!
This game is under development and will use the GMA game engine, or the Genesis game engine, or the Draconis game engine or anyone elses game engine as long as I can convince them to program the game.


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