Hi Aaron,
I did manage to kill the basalt guardian twice out of a solid dozen tries. I had the same thing you had, the beefed up fighter with max flurry and I a three in swords. It was a slaughter. He attacked twice, knocked me off my feet, and then beat my guy like a red headed step child. So I figure my problem is armor. I got five in plate armor and covered every inch with plate and again a three in swords. My thought was that if my fighter could at least take the hits, I could get some spells in to help like grow, or shrink. However, the thing knocked me down right away and beat the stuffing out of my fighter. The damage was only marginally less. It went from eight points minimum of damage to about five and six. So in reality, the fighter was next to useless. I tried a mage who I pumped to the max lightning bolts and those only did three damage at the most, and the damage was never in the same place, but always seemed to hit a leg or arm. I have yet to get a thief to stay alive to even get to the third level, and really so far, the only character that helped in that battle was a healer (It is ironic, isn't it). The pumped up harm spell to it's max did some real decent damage, and while the guardian killed my fighter and my pet, I did finally manage to kill it with the harm spell. The trick is to not worry about getting back up if you have been knocked down. There is just no time to waste doing that. I have never tried to bump my skill in a bludgeon type weapon like a club, mostly because I am not sure which club has the most damage potential.


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