Hello James,
It Has more to do with balance and momentum than anything else. Think of it this way. If you have a large sword in one hand no matter how you look at it the sword is going to throw you off balance. Especially, if you want to do a very large jjump over a large chasm, fire, whatever. If you strap it to your back the weight is obviously the same, but it is more evenly distributed so it isn't as likely to throw you off balance. As for where I got the concept from ever play any of the Tomb Raider games? If not they have a lot of the features you are seeing in Tomb Hunter. In the Tomb Raider games when Lara's weapons are holstered she can go into a hand to hand fighting mode, jump up and catch ledges, swing off ropes, or just get better balance and achieve longer distance jumps just not by having weapons in her hands all the time.

James Dietz wrote:
I just realized this:
Where does the protagonist store weapons when they're holstered?
Assuming they're stored on her person, why is it easier to jump when
they're holstered? One doesn't need hands to jump across a pit (ropes
I understand).  I'd think the more weapons and items she'd have on her
person the slower and heavier she'd be.

Please don't crucify me. This isn't a request to change the gameplay
(as it is already quite fun) but more of a funny observation I thought
I'd share.

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