Hi Kelby,

Kelby Said:
1. Is there a way to tell the exact coordinates of a ship? This would help me immensely
to try and get everything into formation.

Tom Says:
There is no way to get the exact coordinates of the ship. However, you can use the short range sensors to figure out what ship is where in your formation. This is how I find out if my ships are in a formation and how close or far away each ship is from the rear or leading attack elements.

Kelby Said:
2. Will the v-formation I'm describing work well for shooting down the enemy?

Tom Says:
Hard to say. There are a lot of random elements in STFC such as enemy formation, what style of attack the enemy will choose, whatever. In one game that formation you described will work well. In antoerh game that same strategy or technique will fail miserably. You will never know what trick or tricks the enemy has up their sleaves. Here is a case in point. One time I gathered all my ships at Earth Station McKinley. Then, I launched them into Klingon space. The Klingons ameet me head on and and blasted all five Klingon ships into dust and lost no ships in the encounter. I thought I was doing pretty good, patted myself on the back for a job well done, and thought i could head back tot he station for resupplies. No such luck. The Romulans sprang an attack from my rear and blew away two ships before I knew they were there. I was low on firepower so I was basically throwing what i could at them to try and escape. No Such luck. They were fresh, my ships were not, and I lost everything except the Defiant in that Romulan attack. It then became a very difficult challenge using the Defiant to perform hit and run attacks to even the score. I took several enemies with me before i was finally over run. The moral of the story is I started out with a grand strategy. It was working well until the Romulans pulled a fast one on me. I hadn't expected an all out attack on my rear flank. I figured based on passed experience, and having written the enemy AI, that the Romulans would try and take out the stations while they were undeffended. I wasn't expecting the AI to come up with such a briliant counter strategy. It does that some times and it amazes even me.Rule of thumb watch out for the unexpected to happen from time to time.

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