The odd thing is that most BBS's usually give you the opportunity to change your password initially to something you might remember more easily. Sadly I don't know the sysop's email, so you might have to sign up again. If you were feeling particularly enterprising, you could try to look up a few old BBS doors on google. The sysop of gamemasters realm has a site full of old doors, and his email is also listed there somewhere.

From: "Ann" <>
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Subject: [Audyssey] pROBLEMW ITH GAMEMASTERS REALM WASRe: Playing Legend of the Red Dragon

Hi folks,

I just tried to sign up for Gamemaster's realm and got sent a password that does not work. I've typed it in, copied and pasted it, and no luck. It has a left parenthesis, (, in it, which may be the problem.

Who can I contact about this?



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