Thankfully some good starting points for me!  It's appreciated!

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Massive spoilers.

To get the wolf to follow you in your party, you have to give him the steak
you get from the vampire. The vampire is the boss of the second quest. To do
the first quest, you first have to buy the key from the shop to get into the
adventurers guild. If you have patience to play enough darts you can easily
get all the starting skills and all 3 bodyguards from the adventurers guild.
You can equip faldoer with a weapon and armor to make him stronger as well.
Once you have all 3 bodyguards, the wolf and faldor, you should be well on
your way to a solid party.

The weapon I'm using is the wizclave, which you get from a wizard in the
forest. He's a bit tough to find though. For armor I've got the robe, from
the wizard, the armor, which you seemingly get at random, the vest and belt
from the shop, the suit from the drunk, the shroud and visor from the
centurion and the anklet from the sentry north of the village. Faldor's got
the thief's cloak on, the boots from the shop, and is wielding the claymore
you get from the fireking in a crypt in a house somewhere in the forest I

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