Hi everyone.

I just thought I'd give you my thoughts on the new games from l-works.  Super 
egg hunt has been updated, as you will have seen, and I'm loving the new 
version.  I've heard accusations of dumbing down, as I think I've said in a 
previous mail, I think this is silly.  There are more eggs, which means it's 
more difficult to here what's where, you move slower and thus the chicken, 
christened by one of my friends Gregory Peck, has more time to get you. In this 
latest version a bug has been fixed, and my scores are going up nicely 

I also love the fact that the horible hip-hop music which I used to find very 
aggrivating on Migraine days, has now been replaced by a lovely outdoor 
background sound. Also the chicken has changed.  Different sound, and now this 
is where you're going to think I'm cracked.  i used to find McChicken scary, 
honest I did. it had a sort of malevolent sound to it, I hated the peck sound, 
and the way it would suddenly unfreeze and jump out at you after a clock 
sometimes.  Now Gregory you can be annoyed with, cos in this new game, you have 
to do a fair bit of jinking around to collect the eggs, and moving from the 
straight line is what attracts his attention.  He comes flapping and fussing at 
you, but he's more cartoony, and I much prefer the new peck sound we have now. 
I like the fact you can hear him moving, and that if you freeze him he still 
clucks, so you can hear where he is. He's still wicked fast though, you have to 
watch him.

Ok, new GTR, as I shorten the Great Toy Robbery.  First, I didn't realize I was 
playing anything new.  I'd rather hoped to have some updated toy sounds.  You 
find it much easier to pick the toys up though, and there are more, though not 
berzillions. Where the real change comes is in the elves.  I used to find the 
old elves much easier to deal with than old chicken, and could steal stuff 
right out from under their stupid pogo sticks. Um, not any more I can't.  
They're wicked fast and lethal, and hunt in packs, or they have so far on my 

The other change is when dealing with the fat jelly belly bean bag! Now in the 
old game, when I heard the thunder, I'd breathe a sigh of relief.  Now was the 
time to start poking fun at the lumbering old idiot, if I ran a certain way, 
he'd never get me. Um, not now. I've got stomped twice. That. never. happened. 
to me.

Ways the games could be improved? two I can think of only. A pause feature 
would be good.  I hate it if I'm playing a real wopper, and the phone goes, or 
someone messages, and I have to stop and lose a really great score. Next, I 
don't like the way you can still hear the music when you're not in the game 
window. It makes sending a quick message between games without closing stuff 
down like I used to, at least in S E H, impossible really, and it's not 
necessary, I don't think.

Sorry to have gone on so long, I'll be interested to see what anyone else 
thinks. Thanks, Liam, for all your hard work on your terific games.


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