Hi chriss.

I'll certainly keep you posted. I've been having a lot of fun with Angband and some of it's varients, ---- though graphical limits make some of them unplayable for me (another reason I'm working to get things completely accessible via screen readers alone).

As I know nothing at all about Michael Zelasny, I simply haven't played Zangband yet I'm afraid, ---- though I believe it's stil being maintained.

I think Angband will be a pretty long play with screen readers, and as I said, it'll probably take some feature tweaking to get the system working smoothly, but given some of it's already accessible features (the targiting curser is great), I'm hopeful it can be done.

I'll certainly let people know as soon as the changes are made to the game version and there's something vaguely testable, ----- whenever that is.

Beware the Grue!

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This is all very encouraging.  Angband has always been my favorite variant
of the rogue-like games, with Zangband (Angband plus characters/creatures
from Roger Zelazny's Amber universe as my favorite sub-variant.)  I never
found an efficient way of playing these after the DOS days, and had to be
content with introducing my wife to them.  If a consciously accessible
design can be put into the development tree, I will waste whole days on this
game.  Hmmm, wait, maybe that's not a good thing.

Please keep us posted.

Chris Bartlett

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