Hello Sarah.

this is an interesting question in itself, and I'll ask about it on the arborell forum, ----- that's unless you'd like to register there and ask yourself (the arborell Gm is a really nice chap who's always willing to answer questions).

Windhammer was the first gamebook, and thus might be an ideal place to start.

The inquisitor's lament is a short novella about one character from Windhammer, telling what happens to him while the hero of windhammer goes off on the main quest, ---- so certainly I'd advise having a look at windhammer first.

The various Jotten related material, ie the book of scars and the Shards of moonlight gamebook (pluss the murder of crows gamebook which is next on the release schedule), are about the hoardim. While the hoardim are seen as the enemy in Windhammer ---- and by the humans of Arborell, they very much have their own point of view and while not exactly nice and fluffy aren't precisely evil.

I believe the second major gamebook, ---- earth and stone will bring the human and hordim characters together.

these are all the materials which are set around the year 950, ---- the other on site materials are background set before this time.

The recently release Sorrows of gehdru and aume is the creation story of Arborell.

Song of the dromannian is the story of how humans journeyed across the sea from their own lands to the continent of Arborell in the year of settlement 0.

The torchlight game happens in about the year 450, and tells how one of the artifacts which later and concerns the background of one of the magic artifacts found in the Windhammer book.

The blood and Iron series takes place in year of settlement 500 or so, and is a story about one of the hoard wars.

Hopefully this helps you relate things.

Everything is very well explained and placed so you can almost go in any order, ---- though personally I'd recommend playing windhammer before moving on either to Torchlight or Shards of moonlight, but if you wanted to read some of the background material before playing windhammer, ---- or even as a break from windhammer attempts, I'd say everything accept for the inquisitor's lament (which is actually about one of the windhammer characters), should be fine.


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