ok here's an idea. 
first rip the audio/sounds from mainstream games. and then make an audio game 
using the mainstream comany's sounds. and then don't selol the game, make it 
free but keep the source code. then when the mainstream companies come round 
with their cease and desist letter. make a deal with them. tell them I'll give 
you the code to my game if you'll sell it. once you complete the game, don't 
give it out to anybody you see, kep the game and the source code, then email 
the company whose game it was originally and tell them you made their game 
accessible pinting them to a website nobody else knows about so they can 
download the game. Tell them if they do not agree to sell your game that you 
made with their idea their original title, their sounds, you will release the 
game as free open source software under the general public license. And since 
they are driven by making money they naturally will want the code. and if they 
renig on their part by noot selling it then you immediately release that game 
as open source. to differentiate it from sighted games put the word accessible 
in front such as accessible harry potter and the half blood prince game or 
accessible madden nfl. 


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