~Filch had a little girl of eight years old.
Venessa was her name.
Like her father she is a muggle, going to a muggle school also.
Well, her dad does not bring her to the castle usually,  he is afraid
she will get in danger. He's afraid she will explore too much and find
herself face to face with fluffy for example.
Anyway, little Venessa came with her father to the Hogwarts castle this
summer holiday. Her father allowed her to explore certain parts of the
castle. The forbidden forest, the forbidden corridor, murtle's bathroom
and "the dungens was forbidden territory for little venessa.
Venessa was a sweet, obedient little girll, her father never have
trouble with her if he gave her instructions.
Well, so it happendt that little venessa approached the  fruit bowl in
the basement. Fortunately, her father was nearby, cleaning.
"Daddy, may I visit the kitchen please?"
Yes, lovy, just tickle the pair with your forefinger."
So little venessa tickeld the pair and went into the kitchen.
There in the kitchen she found the most terrifying sceen.
Dobby the houseelve shut his ears in the oven.
"First of all" little venessa said stunned. "who are you and secondly,
what are you doing?"
Dobby opened the oven door, his ears glowing red and full of little
knobs filled with  water.
I think  they're called water bladders.
"I'm dobby." Dobby sobbed.
"I'm one of the houseelves. I am working in the kitchen of Hogwarts
together with 100 other elves."
"and why are you shutting your ears in the oven?" little venessa asked
with great eyes? "the famous sarah good, top in her class at salem
witches institute, came to visit Hogwarts, and she visited the elves
living quarters. She didn't disturb any of my colleagues whom were
Well, she used the mirror I gave her down in the basement, and  stupid
dobby did not give sarah butter beer or socks.
I just told her the usual stuff, to find more magical items on the next
floor. Etc."
Dobby is turning his ears to the oven again."
"I'm going to tell my daddy that there is an intruder in the castle!"
Litttle venessa squeaked.
"dobby is  begging missie not to breath a word that sarah is in the
castle. Sarah is famous and should not be treated as an intruder."
"well dobby, please do not punish yourself, man. I am sure sarah can go
to hogsmead if she wants to taste butter beer."
Dobby yawned. 
"so where is all the students?" Little venessa asked with  big eyes.
"they are all on holidays, it's the summer holidays.
As far as dobby am aware, Students are only permitted in Hogwarts during
the christmass holidays.
During the summer holidays, filch told  dumbledor, he wants them to
leave as he wants to  get some breath back and do his cleaning stuff in
"oh, and where is famous harry potter?" Venessa asked.
"harry potter is with his hostile aunt and her husband." Dobby sighed.
"why cannot he stay with serious  black, his god father?"
"Dobby hopped 5 feet in the air.
"your daddy tells you kinda dark stuff going on here!
"well dumbledor wants to protect harry from voldemort that is why
Dumbledore prefers harry to stay with  muggles in the  summer holidays.
 As far as dobby understands, the dursleys is the only muggles that can
look after harry."
"venessa! Venessa  dear, come, lets go to honey dukes., I am  at long
last finished with cleaning all these corridors."
Honey dukes!" squealed little venessa.
"Sounds like fun!"
"that is the sweet shop in hogsmead."
"oh, I love sweets. Daddy has a struggle keeping away sweets from me
before mealtime and early in the mornings.
Well, I better get moving now. Enjoy your holiday dobby and do not
punish yourself. Dobby just waits for little venessa to disappear
through the fruit bowl, when he shuts his ears again in the oven.
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