Yeah, and even if we could get the original source code for say Packman, Donkey Kong, etc it wouldn't do a developer a bit of good anyway. Those old console games were specially designed for the game console it ran on, and wouldn't have anything in common with Windows, Linux, or Mac OS software development. Not to mention all of the code itself is hardware specific.

A few years ago I actually looked around for an Atari 2600 programming guide and found one and read it.

First, all of the source code is done in C which many blind game developers don't know. Many blind game programmers right now program in Visual Basic or some varient of that. So wouldn't have any understanding of the code samples involved in editing, programming, or updating such games.

Second, as I said before all of the code was extremely hardware specific. All of the sounds , music, and graphics were digitally coded by hand. To make a sound or music track for a game you had to create a custom sound and music generator to produce musical notes and tones, set the length, pitch, etc and send it out to the speaker on your TV. It is, in a word, pretty crude compared to todays standards.

Today all of that is done by recording sounds and music out to wav files, loading them into memory, and playing them back using an API like DirectX or XNA. That is much easier than having to create your own custom sound generator from scratch to create sounds, musical notes, and tones on the fly.

Jim Kitchen wrote:
Hi Michael,

It may just be semantics, but as a game developer, I can tell you that we can not just take an existing game and poof make it accessible. Well unless we have the original source code. And even then that would be mostly about the graphics and moving them etc. What you are actually asking is could some one create from scratch an audio version of an old classic Atari game. You know like Phil has done with Pacman Talks, I have done with pong etc. And of course there is not enough blind accessible game developers to recreate all of the main stream games that are out there. Not even just all of the Atari classics.


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