Hi Shaun,

Shaun wrote:
Linux while still a programmer's and server admin's system is getting more usable, not as usable as its windows counterpart but its getting better.

My response:
I might add here that a lot depends on what distribution of Linux a person decides to use. Some distributions like Ubuntu are very user friendly, pretty decent, and other's like Rock Linux are pretty crappy. One of the major problems new Linux users have is that they don't know which Linux distributions are good, user friendly, have technical support, etc and which ones are geekware. Ubuntu is a very good commercial release of Linux where something like Rock Linux is a complete do it yourself operating system.

Shaun wrote:
There is no official tech support.

My response:
Again this totally depends on the Linux developer in question. Most of the major distributions like Ubuntu, Suse, Mandriva, etc offer tech support services. It is the small one man bands like Rock Linux that don't offer much in the way of documentation or technical support.

In addition to paid tech support some distributions like Ubuntu have a wiki, downloadable manuals, mailing lists, and so on. So a person isn't totally left hanging in the wind. You just need to know where to find the help you are looking for.

Shaun wrote:
Compared to say a mac costing 1200 the pc can be got for about 600 and a laptop with base settings can be got for 1000 bucks.

My response:
Actually I picked up a Compaq laptop, brand new, over a year ago for under 600 here in the U.SA. so Windows laptops are practically dirt cheap now days.

That said, there is a reason Mac's are so expensive. As I pointed out to Josh off list Mac's generally use top of the line hardware. The combo of quality hardware and software is one of the reasons Mac's out perform Windows PCs. However, the cost of a Mac verses a Windows PC is another reason people don't buy them. If it costs too much they won't or can't pay for it.

Shaun wrote:
If you just want linux then live in india!
This is not being racest or anything, in india linux is the main os apparently says one of my friends.

My response:
That's correct. Linux has become quite popular in India as well as several other low income areas of the world. The reason for this is rather obvious.

Since Microsoft only deals in American dollars the price of their flagship products like Office, Windows, MS Money, you name it is prohibitively expensive to own and operate in those countries. One person told me if he were to go out and buy Windows XP on his own based on his wages it would cost him an entire years income to purchase it. That's absolutely an unacceptable price for a piece of software. Therefore Linux is his only real option unless he is willing to crack Windows and use it illegally.

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