as an add on to your message I aggree with you in that reguard to.
also people have said enough is enough.
Currently its called lets crack the software.<grin>
Seriously though josh I don't think there are enough of us to actually make a 
I aggree with every point you just put up so do others.
there are opensource things all the time but cash needs to be earned and all 
and there are disadvantages to totally free things to since it always ends up 
in more cash.
yes we would do if we did not have viruses in general.
And mostly the security software has to guard against the dumb consumer like 
most non computer savi are.
I do admit though that people can be to restrictive sometimes.
and some prices can be a bit successive.
Hmm would be good if everything came accessible out the box wouldn't it.
as I said before there is not enough of us to actually push the bounderies.
As I said, you can get stuff alegally so psudo free for you.
However to actually get this done ie have it actually legal and all that we 
would need everyone like half the world or something to shift over to a 
particular thing and force the big corps to change.
Its not happened yet, it may do at some stage soon but not yet.
And ofcause there are businesses that mostly get this stuff right now, the 
average jo was probably an afterthought to.
Sad isn't it?
At 01:16 a.m. 19/09/2009, you wrote:
>Hi thomas,
>Is it possible that there is some kind of conspiracy goingon with copyright 
>laws that gives companies godLike control over their so-called intellectual 
>property? I went to hp's site the other day and read about their computers. It 
>says they got windows genuine advantage, norton security norton anti-virus, 
>antispyware all this stuff on them. Sure the computers gotta have fast 
>processors, because you're using a lot of that power to make up for the 
>slowing-down that antivirus and other such software does. When will the 
>average consumer learn that Mac and Linux are more secure? And also google 
>Chrome OS running on Linux rumored to be being created for release sometime 
>next year? When will the consumer get tired of the krap, the $1200 for Jaws 
>and Window-eyes and say, I've had it? As soon as I can I'm getting a MacBook 
>putting windows xp on it and will only use windows for games that's really 
>about it. Otherwise I'll use the Mac OS. You know after a fresh install of 
>windows xp things 
load lots faster? then put your antivirus and antispyware and securitty 
software on there and things run half or less than half as fast because 
everything's being scanned. But if you remove the security software you risk a 
total breakdown. When will the consumers learn macs and Linux are better? I'm 
not talking about whether one chooses the command line or the gui that's notthe 
issue. The issue is the OS viruses and security. If we wouldn't have to worry 
about that games would...
>run faster
>load faster
>not crash with errors or if they did hardly ever if at all.
>I agree that programmers gotta make money. But in my opinion putting such 
>tight restrictions and making such tight tight tight copyright laws actually 
>stifles an artists creativity. That's what you game programmers are part 
>artist, computer scientist, and programmer writing commands to tell the 
>computer what to do. And your creativity as an artist is being stifled by very 
>restrictive copyright laws and its sighted people too. when will the consumers 
>get a clue, wake up, and say I've had it! I'm not putting up with thiss 
>anymore! Some arre doing it, but very few, serotek and mozilla and Ubuntu. Why 
>so many choices with screen readers? because they don't all do the same thing. 
>Now what if ms built a powerful screen reader rightinto windows itself? A 
>screen reader that combined the strengths of all our current windows screen 
>readers and our favorite voices? We need accessibility built-in, not as an 
>afterthought and bolted on-top. 
>download Klango, its free at
>download Vinux at
>my twitter is:
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