Hi Ryan,
Kerberos is the Greek name of Cerberus. It is a three headed dog that guards the gates ofHades. Infact, a lot of people think Cerberus is spoken with a soft c, like an s, but actually it is supposed to have a hard c, like k. So If it was spelled like it is pronounced it would be Kerberus regardless if it was spelled Kerberos or Ceberus.


Ryan Chou wrote:
tip centaurs take about 7 hits to kill now
so be careful I shot it like 5 times, didn't realize it was still
alive, and it got me down to like 40% health
tip heres what I do if I have no ammo
I always check my ammo before going to the next room and if I don't
have any, and I have a lit torch, run into the room and if there are
any enimies, I either run straight past them or if there is a weapon,
grab it and shoot
then again this is probably a bit odvious
and tom, nice work on this one I like it
lots more replay value
and what the heck is a kerberos?

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