True tom.

Wasn't it Us president lincoln though who said, ---- you can't please everyone all of the time, ---- or something to that effect.

I can't think of any creative project in gaming, fiction, music or anything else which hasn't had it's detractors.

Ultimately though as has been said it's finally your decision, and the public's decision to buy or not.

There's a big difference betwene being a creative pretencious artist not listening to anyone and being a slave to public opinion.

how often have tv series or works of fiction been spoiled by suggestions from Tv networks, publishers or hollywood about what "the public want?"

I personally am not a fan of, ---- or indeed any good at, racing games.

when you start developing raceway however, I certainly won't be asking you to fit guns and jets to the racing cars and turn it into a shooter just to sute my own preferences, ---- afterall there are people who like racing games very much, ---- and I can see independently that a good, realistic racer would do well in the audio games community even if it isn't a type of game i'm personally a fan of.

I also have every intention of trying raceway too, ---- sinse I might get a nice surprise!

If people are so mean and selfish as to put their preferences over both a developer's desires and needs of the audiogames community, ---- then imho they're not worth listening to in the first place.

Beware the Grue!


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