You ask: "If someone was to hack mota then decide they liked it thus they 
buy it does
that make the act of piracy legal?"

No.  But is Thomas hacking or modifying what he receives, making it into a 
full version?  Obviously not.  See the difference?

In God we trust!
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Hi Thomas,

I'm sorry but the original point still stands.

Whether you intend to buy a given product after illegally accessing it or
not isn't the question.

If someone was to hack mota then decide they liked it thus they buy it does
that make the act of piracy legal? On the radio you are legally aloud to
listen to the music or productions broadcast. The company to whom these said
music and or productions belong to get listening time and also revenue for
allowing their works to be legally broadcast.

I'm sorry but your argument is flawed. Completely flawed.

It doesn't matter your reasoning for pirating some graphic novel. The point
is you've done it whilst upholding the list guidelines which expressly
forbids piracy on this list of any kind. Whether it be the discussion of
there of or actual links to sites where piracy is actively encouraged.

If you were a normal list member then I personally wouldn't care I would
just think of this as hypocritical actions if you decided to openly
criticise people who knowingly pirate software and the like yet you do it
yourself. But you aren't. not only are you a list moderator, you are also
the owner of your own company who has yourself been warned by another
company with regards to piracy of their game.

I'm sorry Thomas, do the honourable thing and save face. You can't justify
this. I'm sorry but you can't.

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