Here is how to use the www.translate.google.com websiite.

step 1. go to www.translate.google.com . 
step 2. go to the edit box just before the two combo boxes and hit enter to 
turn on forms mode make it so you can type things into that edit box. 
step 3. type or paste your message. if you enter a web address like 
http://www.cnn.com the website will then be translated and any links you click 
on to go to other sites will likewise be translated. 
step 4. go to the first combo box. this combo box wants to know the language of 
the text you typed into the edit box or the source language of the website. 
choose your source language and tab to the next combo box. 
step 5. when you are in the next combo boxx, now this next one wants to know 
the target language like Japanese Icelandic or whatever. so up and down arrow 
and pick a target language. 
step 6. hit tab till you are on the translaate button and hit enter on that 
button. the text will be translated and another website will be brought up. 
step 7. hit e to go to the edit box. this contains your original translation. 
arrow down past all the text in the edit box after the edit box you will hear 
the word blank to indicate a blank line, now arrow down once more. Now if you 
translated to an asian language like chinese or Japanese Korean or Russian jaws 
will not say anything. Go ahead and left and right arrow... you will notice 
Jaws or your screen reader not say anything, or say letter 222 letter 484 
etcetera. if you hear this your cursor is now in the translated text. If you 
want to read the japanese text you can get an older free sapi4 voice that will 
read japanese, Korean and Russian. If you want to read chinese you can use 
ESpeak or go to www.nextup.com and get both older free multilinguaal voices and 
commercial voices to read those languages which will cost you $40 per voice or 
so. so now just copy your translated japanese message and paste it anywhere you 
Here is some sample text translated from english to Icelandic. and then 
translated into Finnish. 

I was hungry yesterday so I decided to eat some food. The food that I ate 
tasted very good.  

Ég var hungraður í gær svo ég ákvað að borða sumir mat. Það mat sem át ég 
bragðaði mjög góður. 

I was hungry yesterday so I decided to eat some food. The food that I ate 
tasted very good.  

Olin nälkäinen eilen, joten päätin syödä ruokaa. Ruokaa, että söin maistui 
erittäin hyvin.  


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