I'm sorry to have to post this on list, even if it's found to be on topic. I've 
tried contacting this person privately, but either he never got my email, and 
it's still floating out in cyberspace, or maybe he got it, but was too busy to 
answer. You know how busy people can get.

Hi, Raul. Although I don't post much of anything, I'm on the Audicy gaming 
list. Not too long ago, I registered my copy of Shades of Doom 1.2. When you 
were doing your walk-through for this game, did you use cheat codes, or was it 
a matter of maze memorization? I'm asking, because levels two and above are way 
too challenging. If I'm not killed by the blob on level two, or a gun toting 
mutant human, then, I get stuck in a passage on level three, and have to blast 
through a wall with a timed mine, which I sometimes don't have, in order to get 
a blasted data wafer. I've already tried the get stuck in a wall trick and 
enter 4796153, but it never works. When I was playing in demo mode, I could 
always do that, but now that I've registered it, that code doesn't work. Odds 
are, I'll probably never get the 20000 points I'll need for my cheat codes. I 
purchased the cheat codes along with the game. You'd think I'd already have 
them. I've looked everywhere for the sodcheats.txt file, but I can't find it. 
I've also looked at the cheats section of
but their information is way out of date. I've looked at lots of documented 
reviews people have written about this game, but that hasn't helped either. 
They never give any relevant information. They only cover things I already know 
about movement and monsters. They never discuss the way things are laid out in 
the maze for each level. Lately, it's a guessing game for me. I've turned on 
the audio navigator, but sometimes it doesn't help. If you didn't use cheat 
codes while doing your walk-through, could you please give me some tips fo 
levels two and above. Level one's a snap, and I've already mastered it. I've 
gotten good at grenade tossing, although it's hard on level two, when I find a 
mutant human shooting a gun and there's a wall separating us. If I throw a 
grenade there, I'm as good as dead. So, any tips you have for me would be 
great. I'd have posted this to the list, but with all the Moto talk lately, I 
have a feeling this topic wouldn't have been accepted, even though it is on 
topid. You know how some people are. Just to be safe, though, I thought I'd 
contact you privately and off list. Thanks in advance. I really hope this 
doesn't bounce back.
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