My first PC was an old XT, with something like dos 1.1, around the late 80s,
and there's a dos virtual machine you can get that runs something like 3.1
called dosbox, but don't think it's really usable along with a screenreader.

In those days on an XT I remember playing the interactive fiction game of
the Hobbit - and now have the winfrotz TTS version thereof, but primarily on
486es and pentiums we played things like kings quest, space quest, etc. - my
home computer is still called RogerWilco, and my home networking workgroup
is SpaceQuest.

I still remember in 1994 when had my first formal job as software support
guy that I was really irritated when they made me look into using windows
3.1 as well...LOL!

The joke is think have built around 300 plus PCs from scratch in the old
days from hardware up to operating systems etc. etc., but nowadays not sure
would want to try too hard to look into low level hardware, and still want
to find a reliable/efficient way to get into the BIOS of a machine...<smile>

Jacob Kruger
Blind Biker
Skype: BlindZA
'...fate had broken his body, but not his spirit...'

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wow thats old, my first system was in 93
it was a toshiba 1850 with 386sx cpu 4mb ram and 80mb hard drive and a mono screen. Ofcause it did not stay that way in 1994 I dropped the system and I got a reduced hdd out of all that. After a little hacking I got it so I could use the regon of ram that was used for mono video I have no idea what that did to the actual card as I made the system think it was a colour card.
over that though everything else was good.
I havn't ever gone below dos 5.0 and 6.22 though I have seen someone that had 3.20.
I have seen an old mac 2gs and lc1 systems though.
I have seen an old amega or was it c64 playing lemmings as well as an old bbc system. My aunt has an old 286 system but myself we have only owned pcs, 386 486 types.

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