Hello folks,

With all the testing and playing I have been doing with Entombed recently, I thought it would be fun to check out some of the "Rogue-like" games out there. I am referring to NetHack in this message.

I downloaded the DOS and Windows versions from Nethack.org. I know that Michael has written an access.nh file which should be copied to the defaults.nh file if one is playing the DOS version. I did also see that there is no equivalent access file for the windows port, but after looking at the various settings, I am sure that the same changes can be made.

I decided to give the DOS version a go. I realize from other discussions on this list that some listers have problems running programs in DOS windows. Some of you have complained about the slowness in which a DOS program runs on things like windows xp. I am happy to say, I somehow don't have that problem, and I am able to play EamonDX and Fallthru without any real lag of time, and use Jaws version 10 or 11 for reading the screen in the DOS window.

Ok, now onto my question for some of you real experienced NetHack players out there. Other than turning all punctuation on, and using the main jaws cursor commands, are there any other configurations I need to make? I am still getting used to what all those ascii symbols on the screen stand for, and have been using the slash command and reading the manual as much as I can.

I'm pretty sure that it will just take some stumbling around, but I figured I would consult with any experienced netHack player, to see if they found other settings that worked better than those in the access.nh file, or other useful Jaws commands

If nobody has anything else to add, then I will just keep on poking around here and see how far I get. grin

Jeremy Hartley

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