You're correct; SWT is an excellent clone of Java Swing.
I've done some SWT and coded Swing for 10 years.

However, no way are we going to convert our code base from Swing to SWT.
You're right to suspect that it would take too much time and expense.
Nor are we likely to go to a two-API code base. Ditto.

BTW. IMHO the bit about SWT looking and feeling more natural than Swing is nonsense.
I've been doing GUI professionally since before the G in GUI.
When you ask someone to really compare a Swing GUI to an SWT GUI, no one I've challenged has been able to tell the difference. But then again, folks in our profession are known for sometimes putting religion in front of observed phenomena.

Also, I think the SWT toolkit is equal to, but not better than Swing.
Not religion, just a worker-bee who uses the stuff all day.

But you are correct that SWT would be a superior accessibility choice.
And if I were starting our company today, very likely SWT would be what we would use.

Thanks for the insights,

John Bannick
7-128 Software

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