But the system properties dialogue, accessed by pressing windows key and
the pause key, shows 2.66 ghz, not 2.6.
Is there a difference?
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Generally 266MHz is 266 megahertz, where 2.6 would generally be GHz - 
gigahertz, where a giga is 1024 times a mega.

Old school computer science was based on something like:
1 bit times 8 = 1 byte, times 1024 = 1 kilobyte, times 1024 = 1 megabyte

times 1024 = 1 gigabyte, times 1024 = 1 terabyte, etc. etc.

Kilo is times 1000 in the real world, and times 1024 in computers, a
mega is 
the equivalent of a million, but equals 1024 times 1024 in computers

Also remember that the difference between 1Kb and 1KB is the difference 
between a kilobit and a kilobyte, and the same applies to MB and Mb
case sensitivity), but those differences are mostly applied to either 
speeds, or audio track bitrates/quality.

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