Well, I neither mind donating nor subscribing to a game, --- -with Sryth though I think it's gone far too far really, sinse now your needing to get more game content by spending adventurer tocans on things like residences and the quick stone, ---- apart from the fact that the gap betwene those who spend a lot of money on tocans to up their gear, and those who do not (and the corrisponding difficulty of some of the game encounters), is just growing.

Ce is also a business, and works on the same model as Sryth, ---- in that you subscribe to get some basic bennifits such as extra fuel, then can buy game extras. One of their key tennits though is game extras must never unbalance things, ---- so no fueling your combat ability with power alone.

Also there is no urge to donate to get extra content, ---- as with Sryth and the quests.

I'm actually rather sad to see where Sryth has gone, ---- being as I played from 2005 onwards. I admit though, when I start up the game and told I need to pay At's to access a quest via buying a residence, ---- or that my melee rating needs to be another 20 points higher which just won't happen unless I donate even more cash, ---- I decided it was too much, ---- and that from somebody who has already donated significantly to the game.

I do drop in occasionally to see what can be done, ---- but not too often I admit.

If it sounds as if I'm being unreasonable, bare in mind the mechanics. 20 dollars a year, and the game has at least 5000 paying customers or more, ---- What's the need to squeeze for more money.

Donation bennifits to games should be just a nice thank you, ---- not a necessity for getting game content.

I have a mind to E-mail the Gm and express my dissatisfaction with the game at some point.

Beware the grue!


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