this is just a bit of idel speculation on my part here. 

something I've always wanted to do for many years is program a text rpg in html 
along the lines of Sryth. I've spent a fair amount of time working out 
hopefully interesting systems for game mechanics such as tactical turn based 
combat, exploration and wilderness navigation, several different areas, and 
indeed a hopefully interesting experience system. 

all this is thus far totally in speculation land, and sinse I'll be busy with 
my thesis for another couple of years, i'm making no promises. 

Just for interests' sake though, I would be quite interested to know how you 
would go about programming an html gamebook style adventure, ---- even a basic 
one with the standard fighting fantasy rules. 

I know some basic formatting commands in html, ---- but not to write in systems 
for hp, dice combat or checking inventory. Would that require javascript or a 
similar second language? 

As I said, this is certainly in no way a promise, more a sort of "how realistic 
would my speculations be once my thesis is finished" sort of thing. 

While I understand much of the theory of programming, ---- having studdied both 
formal logic and metaphysics, and had vaguely in depth chats with my friend 
who's a software designer, --- I've little idea of the practicalities. 

if someone has any suggestion for something I can look at I'd be interested to 
here it, ---- and who knows, time permitting i might have a crack at writing 
something myself (sinse afterall some good descriptive writing and basic dice 
combat rules can go a long way to making a good gamebook). 

Beware the grue! 

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