I quite agree.

Take core exiles for example. It's a game that really does fulfill a lot of
my gaming wishes as it were. The community is friendly, the game is
fantastic. Below are some specific points I've made with reference to ce but
you can apply a lot of these points to games in general in terms of personal
requirements or I should say I can, other people may think differently with
regards to these points.

Essential points

1. it's persistent. So the game never ends or there's no reset. I hate games
that reset every month. I find them boring. I think personally it limits the
gaming experience and the whole scope. The types of games where this happens
are the more simple games in my opinion and the games which would become
seriously unbalanced if they were allowed to go along the lines of a
persistent route.
2. there's no specific way that you have to play the game. It suits many
3. from what I've seen so far the game is totally open ended in terms of how
you go about things. The game play is very flexible.
4. The game is much larger than it looks. Because of the scope of activities
within the game itself. By this I mean there's currantly around 750
locations you can visit. But it's not about how many places you can go. It's
about all the different things you can do.
5. it's like a book. Within reason you can just put it down and come back to
it later. You aren't under any major pressure from the game. What's the
point in playing a game that constantly puts you under pressure or is so
demanding on your time that it becomes your life? That's not enjoyment at
least to me it's not. Whilst I can play a game like ce for hours on end,
it's not because I am concerned about keeping up with others it's because of
pure enjoyment. I can play core exiles for half hour or so 1 day, then a few
hours on another day and still get a great deal of enjoyment from the game
because I don't feel slaved to it.

6. it's completely newbie friendly. It's been designed from the ground up to
be that way. For example, you get starter missions which take you through
the basics of the game in order that you can survive. Whilst you may argue
that a lot of games do this, I don't  think it's done quite as well. 

7. the community is a very friendly one. I've played some fantastic games
over the last few years especially online but the 1 thing that really can
let a game down for me is the game community. Remember that you have to play
along side these people and whilst they are only bits of text on a screen,
it only takes 1 moronic individual to really spoil your gaming experience
because they can. This is where strict and enthusiastic moderation should be
implemented. For example, if the game does allow for pvp killing, someone
who comes straight out of newbie protection shouldn't be considered fare
game by anybody. In ashes of angels for example, they get round this by only
allowing you to shoot at people within a given percentage of your overall
score. So it's reasoned that you are going to be pretty equal in terms of
capabilities. So it then boils down to your skills at the game rather than
who has the biggest punch. Which under other circumstances could easily
determine the course of any given confrontation. I'm not saying take risk
completely out of a game because that would be pointless. But what's the
point in a player being ranked number 50 getting shot down constently by a
player in the top 10? I mean who realistically is going to win? Logically
there's no real fun in that on either side. This is where moderation really
should step in here.

So as I've outlined above, there's plenty to be looking at in order to 1
making a game interesting and 2 keeping the player base active. In warring
factions for example, 1 of the biggest complaints is that there's not enough
of an influx of new players. Which is rather sad considering the complexity
of the game. But the main problem with this game is the attitude of the
gaming community. They kill the ggame because of how they act. For example,
if a newbie needs help, nobody will help you very much because everybody is
wanting to protect their trade secrets. Anybody who does help a newbie is
branded either a fool or a traiter, which quite honestly is stupid. Now the
problem here is how does that help the game to grow. If the game community
is such that it isn't very inviting, what insentive is there to play the
game? Especially if you are playing either along sie or against certain
people. So there really is multiple parts here to keeping a game going.
Game content, fareness and the community itself.
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