Actually charles, you can uninstall fine because the uninstall files are usually just put in the games' folder separately from the setup files, ---- or the games' already been written to the registry so you can just use add/remove programs.

I keep most things on a backup external drive, and when I was installing games onto my laptop, I just installed them streight from the setup files on the drive because (unlike on my desktop), I don't have the drive space to hang on to all the setup files.

I tend to generally save files as a matter of course so that I can always install the program again after a crash, or install it on another machine, unless their things like program update patches, in which case I just run them directly.

As to viruses, I've never had anything nasty happen when directly running files, and the times Avg has interfered (as with night of parasite), it also complained when I downloaded the file.

sinse running essentially does the same thing as downloading and saving, ---- accept that instead of saving the file in a location of your choice then running it, it's saved, then run from the temp directory which gets deleated every so often, i'm afraid i don't see the security difference myself whatever internet explorer may say.

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