Sounds like quite a bit of experience.  How do you keep from getting 
confused when using a different OS?  (grin)
In God we trust!
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Hi Dark,
I'm sorry to say that is a pretty jaded position for someone who's only
experience is using Windows XP and earlier. Other operating systems like
Mac OS and Linux have a completely different approach to multi-user
accounts than does Windows. I really wish you would  not judge every
operating system and multiple  user accounts   based on your own
personal limited experience. Trust me I've used several different
operating systems Mac OS, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, and Windows and
generally having multiple user accounts is no big deal. It is just that
the way Microsoft does it in Windows is a pretty poor implimentation of
a multi-user environment.
Honestly your attitude is like a guy who buys a new car and runs into
car troubles. Suddenly he believes every car madewill have the same
problems. Obviously, that kind of thinking is unrealistic, and your
opinion is equally unrealistic when taken in the wider scheme of things.


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