Hi Dark,
Agreed.  Shaun's comment to reformat is way out of line. It appears to
me Shirley's  problems are just that she isn't familiar with the ins and
outs of her computer system and there probably isn't anything seriously
wrong with her computer. Instead of assuming there is something
technical wrong we should be determining what Shirley's actual problem
is and help her to resolve it constructively and not tell her to whipe
out her system and begin with a fresh install of Windows unnecessarily.
As you said there are times when a refomat is absolutely necessary, but
this doesn't look like one of them. A case in point. I recently had to
reformat one of my computers because a worm had infected the system and
mangled the operating system. Nothing was lost, but I had no choice but
to blow Windows away and install the operating system from scratch. In
fact, I was so sick   and tired of  viruses and worms that system no
longer is running Windows and is now  running Linux instead. I sort of
fixed the virus/worm problem perminately for that computer. <Grin>

On Thu, 2010-01-07 at 08:31 +0000, dark wrote:
> Sean, out of interest why do you suggest reformatting as the answer to any 
> computer related tech support question?
> Appologies for seeming abrupt, but it just seems someone mentions some 
> slight problem, ---- which might be as much a case of a user not yet knowing 
> the ins and outs of how to work things, and you instantly suggest 
> reformatting, ---- even before we know what the problem is.
> This seems a little to me like suggesting someone bulldose their house down 
> when they say their front door is stuck.
> Of course, there are circumstances were reformmatting is necessary, --- but 
> as a last response, not a first.
> appologies for the comment, it just seems that whenever someone brings up a 
> technical question of any type your answer is "reformat" and we always have 
> this discussion.
> Beware the grue!
> Dark. 

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