Hi guys,
I have a few updates here.
Data death:
I am sitting here now, with a new, healthy hard drive, with all the data, 
checked in by the recovery specialist about half an hour ago. Therefore data 
death is data now revived.
I can now begin full support for X-Sight again, that is providing none of the 
data is corrupted. I shouldn't imagine it is though, I played a full game of 
the new Acefire and ran several other of my programs on it with no problems.
Additionally, I now have further methods and sources of backup storage, so 
hopefully this should not happen again.
Programming progress:
After hours and months of looking at tutorials from websites, CD's etc, and 
being personally tutored on the glories of C, and not getting anywhere with it, 
I have decided, at least for the time being, to continue using VB, my former 
development platform. This may not be a permanent arrangement, but at least I 
won't be sat here bored to death while feeling like the C compiler is 
practically screaming angry insults at me, I will be able to continue support 
for my old titles, releasing patches, etc, and I may also be able to make a 
smooth transition from VB to C/C++ without any delays when I finally grasp it.
I can understand the syntax no problem, having previously made an attempt on 
writing a PHP chat system, however the complex methods of Windows programming, 
such as memory management, pointers and multithreading, are all very mixed 
inside my fuzzled up brain. I know their function, but can never properly write 
their code or use them in the correct situations.
Therefore I have retired from this avenue, at least until I can afford more 
intense personal tuition on the subject.
I hope none of you mind, and am always open for comments, suggestions, etc.
Other updates:
Now I have the correct equipment I will be doing a little bit more than my 
software/game development, and that will be released and updated a lot more 
frequently, but that is off topic and can be seen in more detail on the website.
Damien C. Sadler.
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