Hi Peter,
I'll give it a shot.  I hope this is helpful.
Warp and course are pretty obvious. The speed you're going and the direction, or those of an enemy ship. Baring is the course you have to follow in order to head straight at another ship. Range is the number of units between you and the ship in question. A ship travelling at warp 1.0 makes a speed of about a hundred units a turn. The scale is linear from there. Finally, mark is a bit strange. It's a measure of how far off your bow an enemy is. Mark 0 would indicate you're heading directly toward them. Mark 359 is right next to 0, and 180 implies he's probably chasing you. I really don't use them all that much, though you can turn your weapons based on marks instead of locking on an enemy if you want. The strange symbols next to the words shields, drives, launchers, etc. are a form of pseudographical display. They may not read properly depending on what screen reader you have. Fortunately, we can get the same information in a more comprehensible form with the status command. Try "status drives", "status launchers", "status shields", etc. One more note. When you start your weapons are unloaded. A good tip is to make sure you do that right away. If you play the Federation they have mark 7 and mark 8 torpedos, primary difference between them being speed and size of the warhead. Mk7 are good for anywhere from about 25,000 units out, while mk8 are slower, more like 15,000 to 5,000. The key thing when dodging torpedos is to make small course changes, because they're unguided and don't have the ability to be controlled mid-flight. The enemy usually either does that or if he can't phasers the torpedo when it gets close. Phasers are implemented as "instant hit" weapons, but they're only useful from about 2,000 or so units on in, getting more so as you get closer. So I hope this helps some. Do let me know if you've any other questions. I'll do my best to answer.

On Thu, 11 Feb 2010, peter Mahach wrote:

Well zachary, being I'm a trekky I gave it a try.
I'll admit it was kind of hard. If you could sort of tell me what do all the numbers mean and all these U's near the word shields I'd appreciate it. I managed to find where my current warp and course is, ditto with the enemies but nothing else.

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