I have a couple questions on ce I'd like answered.
1.  how do I put say my extracted goods on the player market that are in 
or how do I put the stuff on the gbm there are a load of list boxes.
Today I have just recieved a message that again I ran out of cash in the bank 
to pay for storage.
and that brings me to the next question.
Because of various things, and life in general, computers being as they are 
etc, my focus has shifted some what.
Ok so the main reason I went on vacation was to wind down a bit from shooting 
things and finding where to sell my stuff etc during the holidays.
However after that I seem to be going through the motions.
that is every morning I log in and check game mail and I have no thought of 
actually doing anything.
So today I have decided I have to go.
its no use trying to play when I have no intention of doing so.
so how do you delete your game account, forum account etc.
I suppose I could wait for a month or so but I know if I don't do this now I'm 
just gona procrastinate some more and then its going to be  like another year 
or 2 and I'll never do anything bar check my mail.
Lets ace it.
I havn't really earnt enough cash to justify staying in the game.
I havn't really cought up in actual game things, never chatted never done to 
much with the guild, and never actually done much in the way of real progress.
heck I don't even have the cash to get everything I want or need, now combat 
would be a good thing if I could only get a few more special slots and energy 
packs but guess what every thing external needs special slots like buffs and 
since I have 2 and they are armour not that this does much, my weapon is ok but 
quite blaa.
And i seem to have lost the point somewhere because right now I am a zombie.
wake up, check bogs and podcasts check game mail.
delete game mail without even reading it lately anyway and log off.
its the same with my blog although I still write in there enough to justify 
staying  there.
The point of this message is enough is enough!!!
If I am not gona blimming do anything then I need to get rid of this thing so 
someone else can have a space.
I don't see me actually playing anymore in the future unless that is I somehow 
can sell my items in my extracter somehow which are in the comercial store, 
mine more and then somehow get another ship, maybe some extra slots, an 
expander, energy, more skill points, I have used my reset right now, and maybe 
what it takes to get back into shooting things which is where all th real cash 
Without having to porn all my stuff off just to get enough to live in the 
As you can see thats a long list and while i accept a bigger ship tank and some 
other things are not in my ligue right now the rest, well I think at minimum I 
need to get rid of my stuff in storage because its costing me cash.
I can either try to sell it which would be good if I knew how it all worked or 
give it away and sell my extracter.
That would get rid of the costs but its not gona have me play the game as such.
so any help would rock.
I don't care where this message goes.
I'll take anything I can get.
though at this point if I could just close the account and go away that would 
be fine.

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