Hi Thomas,

I would like to make a small suggestion for Mota, if I may. I appreciate the convenience of using synthetic speech while the game is in intensive development (e.g. when you have a million things changing from day to day), but in my mind you make a much more professional impression on your end users if you use an actual voice talent in the final product. Since you are using concatenated audio files anyway, this would not be a difficult thing to do as it would just be a matter of replacing the tts version of each file with the real woman's voice. To me, this gives the game a much nicer atmosphere and an over-all nicer feel, as I personally tend to get rather irritated with the little glitches that are inevitably going to be present in every concatenated tts voice. When I say concatenated in this case I do not mean your game sound files but rather the way that the actual voice is constructed, there are hundreds of little chunks that they try to fit together to form the particular phrase in question and these engines are far from perfect. A real lady would be able to emphasise her words so that you really feel for what she is saying and can put it in teh context of the game so to speak, rather than the dry and unemotional tts voice equivalent. I guess what I'm trying to say is, in a game where the text is so dynamic so that a real human voice would be impossible such as Entombed I can put up with tts, but in a game like Mota I think it would be highly benefitial for the end product to use an actual voiceover artist. Again, you would only do these recordings when you feel that it's not very likely that the general set of words and phrases will change much. As an example, imagine Q9 with NeoSpeech Paul?

Kind regards,

Philip Bennefall

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