Hi again,
Ach.  I hit the send command a bit early, so please pardon the
incomplete message.  
As I was about to say, the most confusing part of the game is probably
the sheer variety of options available.  The map comes in at a close
second, but I'll try my best to explain below.
The map's made up of sectors, which you can conquer and designate to be
anything from manufacturing plants to research centers.  The coordinate
system is a variant on cartesian, with your capital at (0,0).  The
confusing part is that it isn't a typical grid.  Instead, the designers
opted to use hexes, a choice which a lot of sighted people find more
realistic but which is a bit weird for us.  You can go up left, up
right, left and right, and down left and down right but not straight up
and down.  It does take some getting used to.
Once you've understood that, the next issues to worry about are a bit
more practical.  The game can be found at www.wolfpackempire.com, and
requires a specialized client to play.  You could use Telnet, like a
mud, but it's not recommended.  I use Linux myself, and find the "basic
empire client" very useable.  Your milage may vary under Windows, but it
shouldn't be impossible.  The interface is rather mud-like, with
commands being entered at a prompt and responses scrolling up the
screen.  THe one big difference is that a mud tends to send things in
realtime as they happen.  Empire tends to leave you alone while you
type, updating only when you send your command.  There are tiny
exceptions, like a notification of new messages arriving, but that's
about it.
The game I play in is what's known in Empire circles as a blitz.
Blitzes are unique in that they run continuously, resetting every so
often.  They don't require the more elaborate registration processes
other longer term games do.  Typically, each blitz publishes a list of
country numbers, say from 1 to 10.  To play, you log in with one of
those numbers and change your password, which is initially the same as
the number.
I'm afraid this game is complicated enough that I can't really give a
decent synopsis here.  There's a ton of information to cover, and it's
somewhat hard to know where to start.  So, if you're interested, look at
the website, and reply here.  I'll do my best to help people over the
considerable humps.
Best and enjoy,

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