There has been a lot of list traffic lately, much of which consists of
short messages followed by more short messages answering the simple
questions asked in the original short messages (read the
documentation, stop asking inane questions and look something up for
yourself for once, etc).
How about a forum?
Here are some key benefits:
- We'd all have less clutter in our inboxes.
- Message length, quotation and other list requirements would no
longer be an issue
- Accounts can be locked, possibly liimiting spoofing and other internet garbage
- Some forums have mailing-list interfaces allowing those who wish to
follow (and possibly respond to) traffic to do so through email.

Let's do it! To put it bluntly I'm sick of mailing lists.  Let's take
the blindgamers discussion group into the 21st freakin' century.

Feel free to be less biased and/or inflamatory than I am.

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