(750kb including sound clips - and 351 total lines of script)

Still the drumming sounds, but now as well as letting you play around with keys A through L to hear the sounds, if you hit the T key it'll start the game activity and play you three of them in random succession, and you then need to play the same ones back to it, whereupon it'll tell you if you got it right or wrong.

One thing I would like to have is either a function to tell me last key pressed or a sort of event handler for key presses where I could then ask if which key had been pressed, instead of having to hard code in checking in for each and every key stroke I may be expecting, but can always build my own function that loops through all constants or something...<smile>

Point is rather than waiting constantly for you to have pressed one of a few specific keys, it would be nice to just know if you had pressed a key at all, and then you could see if it matched certain criteria.

This might also be somewhat relevant to any game involving more letters/text input, but the most useful workaround would be a form of event handler or something, since you could then just manipulate global variables relating to game state or something.

Near the bottom of script file you'll also find the two alert calls where it would have told you before which keys you needed to press, as well as telling you after which you did press, but they've been commented out for now.

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