Please give me your opinion once again.
I am working on 2 products, however they won't be available anytime this year 
because I want to make sure they are fun, stable, ETC. and I want to sell them 
for an affordable price of course. My question is, should customers, which will 
be you, be trusted? It seems like a lot of work to add codes to unblock your 
software, when we all know one way or another, your program will be pirated. As 
far as I know, Apple, Level Star, Serotek, and maybe others, trust users to 
install their apps on the systems they say they will, thereby eliminating the 
hassel of codes that may or may NOT work during install. Microsoft, FS, ETC. as 
we all know don't trust their customers, making it difficult to reinstall a 
product, even when the malfunction wasn't our fault. My IRC client was based on 
that same principle, the future version will NOT be. I want customers to have 
the easiest experience. And I can accept the fact that life just isn't fair, 
and whether or NOT I place a restriction on how my software is installed, there 
are smarter people and they'll figure it out one way or another. But in my 
opinion codes have NOT lessend piracy, so why include them? What's your take on 
this? Thanks.
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