Exactly. Were I not already a trained software developer I would be
more than willing to invest in a tool like BGT, because of its
features and ease of use. However, as it is I have already written my
own game development tool, Genesis 3D,  and it also has a lot of the
hard work done. I should know I just spent the past thre/four months
converting all of it from C# .NET to C++ and the Win32 API for MOTA
beta 11.
However, I think I know more than most how much hard work goes into a
tool like BGT. Writing all the basic components like the input core,
audio core, speech core, level editor, etc. It takes a long time and
is a lot of work. All of that has to be done before you even start on
a game, and I think it is safe to say everyone wants to get started
right away with writing the game and not have to worry about the low
level components. That's what BGT offers a person. A chance to start
writing games without having to do all the low level programming and
development from scratch.

On 4/9/10, Philip Bennefall <phi...@blastbay.com> wrote:
> Hi Travis,
> Of course, people are free to make their individual choices for what tools
> they want to use for the particular task at hand. For those who can use a
> general purpose programming language and who are willing to spend the extra
> time building things from scratch, that's fair enough. But with BGT you are
> getting lots of things done for you out of the box that will significantly
> speed up the development process. Also, if you make a few games using the
> pro version of the tool you will certainly make that money back and more
> there to. The lite version is 65 USD, so now we're talking the same price
> range as the others you mention. But as the owner of these resources, the
> codebase that forms the components that feature in BGT, I feel that I want
> to be compensated if people are going to use this to make money. Especially
> with it being a one-time fee, I think it's more than reasonable. For those
> who want to make free games, the lite version is available as I said and I
> am able to make that more affordable since people won't actually be making
> money with the aid of my tools.
> That is the best way in which I can explain my thinking behind the pricing
> of BGT. And I can say that I have spent thousands of dollars getting some of
> this code written, except of course for the parts that I wrote myself; they
> only cost me time.
> Kind regards,
> Philip ennefall

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