Hi Charles,
Generally speaking yes that is what a person should do anyway by
default. Especially, in a case where the new version isn't backwards
compatible with a prier release.  This was definitely one of those
cases as I had just redesigned the engine from scratch in C++ and had
nothing in common with beta 10 and earlier. Someone should have
realized from the start that they might get a screwed up install
trying to upgrade the existing code.
Even Microsoft has to tell people to do a complete reinstall if
his/her software is too far out of date. Take Windows 7 for example.
It will not upgrade Windows XP in any way, shape, or form. You do a
complete from scratch installation using the full retail version or
you don't install it at all. That's because there are way too many
differences between XP and Windos 7 to make an upgrade possible. Same
holds true for MOTA beta 11 and beta 10. There simply not compatible
enough for an upgrade to be made remotely possible.
However, one of the features Advanced Setup Installer has if I can
figure out how to use it is the ability to check for previous
installs. If there is one installed it will prompt you to uninstall
version x before installing version y.  I think this would come in
handy and help prevent human error in this case. Of course, it will
only work if the previous version used the same installer. So even if
I start doing that for version beta 12 it might not know about a
version using Inno Setup which could be a problem.


On 4/14/10, Charles Rivard <woofer...@sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> Shouldn't the previous installation be uninstalled before the newer one is
> installed?  That way, you know that you have a clean installation.  Other
> than when installing a patch, that's what I do.

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