Hi everyone,
As I have mentioned before I'm currently doing a major revamp of
Mysteries of the Ancients this week, working on some game mechanics,
adding a bit more here and there to the levels, etc and there is one
issue that has been on my mind for a while now and that regards the
healing potions themselves.
As it stands now if you pick up a healing potion and drink it you
instantly regain all of your health, air, and strength at once. This
is a throwback to the old arcade game days when if you drank a healing
potion all of your health bars etc were completely restored. While
that is great for an old arcade game such as Montezuma's Revenge more
modern games don't necessarily do it this way prefering more realism
over a quick health boost.
For example, one thing I've commonly seen done in mainstream games is
if you use a health restore like a med kit or something it only
restores 20 to 25 percent of your health. This means it requires
multiple med kits to restore you back to full health.
Another way I've seen it done, and the one I'm considering here, is if
you use a health restore such as drinking a potion it doesn't take
full effect right away. In other words if you drink one of the healing
potions your health meter will slowly start going back up and it might
take a minute or so for your health, strength, etc to be fully
restored.  If we take it into consideration it does take the human
body a little while to react to a healing potion this would be the
most realistic approach to using health restores in games. What do you


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