Hi Philip,
The way I invision this working is having the potion gradually
increase Angela's health over a certain period of time before it is
expended. So if she comes under attack she will probably lose more
health than she gains using that potion as it will only restore a
certain amount of health over x amount of time.
Another thing to consider here is I've updated some enemies in the
game as well. For example, the harpies are now more true to the
harpies from Greek mythology as well as many RPG type games. Instead
of throwing lightning bolts they have claws that do considerable
damage to the human body when they attack. Besides the contact damage
they inject Angela with a toxic poison that will kill her gradually
over time unless she drinks a potion to counter act the poison.
Between body damage and poison you may need to drink more than one
potion to get back up to full health. Does that answer your question?

On 6/1/10, Philip Bennefall <phi...@u7142039.fsdata.se> wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
> This sounds like a good approach indeed, however I have one question. How do
> you react to a situation where the good lady falls under attack whilst
> healing? Does she keep gaining health until she is up to full health, or do
> you set a maximum increase amount that it will not go above before the
> healing potion is expended? In other words, do you give a certain healing
> amount that is done gradually, rather than restore her to full health
> regardless of attacks during restoration?
> Kind regards,
> Philip Bennefall

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