Hi Thomas,

The majority of Unicode string classes will most likely also have conversion functions to convert between Unicode and Ascii, as at least in C++ both are still used quite extensively. In essence, it's just a normal char* rather than a wchar*. The stl string class, for instance, has the c_str method to do this. I'm not too sure about the .net languages, but if at any point I write a .net binding for Streemway I'll make a wrapper to take a Unicode string and simply do the conversion internally.

Kind regards,

Philip Bennefall
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Hi Philip,
Hmmmm...I do see that as somewhat problematic though as the problem
isn't specific to VisualBasic 6. This also happens with any .Net
application  because the .Net String class converts ascii strings to
unicode automatically which makes sense most Windows applications use
unicode strings rather than ascii.  I supppose if you pass the string
directly to the Sw_Init function it wouldn't do that, but if you use
the String class it probibly would try and pass an Unicode string. I
think we need to look into this more as Unicode is pretty common and
ascii is almost a thing of the past as far as Windows is concerned.

On 6/6/10, Philip Bennefall <phi...@u7142039.fsdata.se> wrote:
Hello there,

From what I remember, this is an issue related to interfacing with Streemway from Visual Basic 6. It has to do with the fact that VB 6 passes a so called
Unicode string as the registration name and key, whilst Streemway is
expecting an Ansi string. So this is not an issue with Streemway itself, but rather with the way that it is being called. Liam, I seem to recall you had
a way to fix this a while back?

Kind regards,

Philip Bennefall


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