The United States government in the census data I used for the white paper defines a person with one or more disabilities as a "person who REPORTS they have one or more disability". I'm sure there are definitions when you are trying to get into an assistance program, but they are perfectly happy to use self reporting for the census information.

I think anyone who requires some accommodation to complete normal tasks have some degree of disability. This means people with injuries have a "temporary" disability until they can resume normal activities. It is my contention that most games can have some accommodations built into them to allow more people to access them. Not all games can be made blind accessible. For example, one of our games - Word Jungle - is a hidden word puzzle. It consists of a large grid that contains words in three directions and randomized letters between. The object is to find all the hidden words. That is not rated blind accessible since it would change the game too much to do so. But - with reasonable adaptations, adequate sound augmentation to the graphics, variable speed settings, controls that can be read by screen readers etc, many games could be made blind accessible if there was an interest to do so.

Vision deteriorates as people get older. Macular degeneration is a disease of old age. Many people will no longer be able to play non-accessible games as they used to. This might help developers realize there is a market - which incidentally can also mean accessibility for younger VI and blind gamers.

The main thing is to build the ability to change as many parameters as possible into games and other software to let people adjust it so they can use it. There are some that say that "dumbs down" a game. I don't see that at all. If someone can successfully play the game at half speed, what is the problem with having a setting that allows that?

Anyhow - off my soapbox! Thanks Dark and Thomas for some interesting observations.

Eleanor Robinson
7-128 Software

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