Hi Philip,
Sad to say your's isn't the only case like that I heard of. Blue Host,
in my opinion, is crap. They regularly have security problems, sloppy
security, and then they always blame the user if anything goes wrong.
Yet it really is their responcibility to see that their servers are up
to date, secure, and virus  free if possible.

On 7/1/10, Philip Bennefall <phi...@u7142039.fsdata.se> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I didn't see the beginning of this thread, but when I see the words Bluehost
> and hacker security in one and the same sentense I have to react. Smile.
> I used to love Bluehost. They had everything I needed for a ridiculously low
> fee, and their customer support was generally acceptable. Then, I had a
> series of hacker attacks on my website. After the first one I immediately
> called Bluehost and informed them of the situation, to which they replied
> that the probable cause was an out of date script that had a security hole.
> Fair enough, I asked them to make 100 % sure that I had all the latest
> versions which they also did. Ran upgrades, in other words. Then, about 3
> hours later I had a similar attack where every single page of my website got
> infected. so I pick up the phone and call Bluehost once again, telling them
> that this was the second attack in one and the same day and that I had
> previously followed all their instructions to the letter. He basically said
> "well, our servers are secure but we cannot guarantee security of user
> accounts". Well, then, what on earth is left to be secure? Unless they're
> refering to someone actually breaking in to the server hall and setting the
> machines on fire which is obviously far less likely than a hacker attack
> from the outside. I pointed this out and asked if there was anything they
> could do to try and help trace the attacker, or anything at all that they
> could do from their end. The reply was that "no, we cannot, that is your own
> responsibility, start by reading this help desk article with security tips".
> That was the last straw and I blew my top Silently cursing the tech support
> team I immediately took my business elsewhere, and haven't had a single
> problem since. It is about 4 times as expensive but I also get about 4 times
> the up and downstream speed from their servers. So as regards to Bluehost
> helping secure websites against hacker attacks, this, in my opinion, is a
> joke. In the end, you always get what you pay for.
> Kind regards,
> Philip Bennefall

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