Well, I definitely think a VPS is the best solution, but only if the
person is an experienced network administrator.  An incompetent VPS
administrator is as bad or worse than using something like Blue Host.
However, if the person is experienced in setting up and configuring
something like the iptables firewall, apache web server, sendmail for
e-mail, etc then it is the obvious best solution all around. You can
basicly apply security updates as needed, upgrade the system,
customize everything your way, and have absolute dominion over every
aspect of that server. That's pretty cool, but unfortunately not just
anybody can do that competently.


On 7/1/10, Ryan Smith <computerwi...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Running your own VPS is certainly the best solution. I personally love
> Linode, which I don't find too expensive. By using a VPS, I get full
> root access to any Linux distribution of my choice (I prefer Debian),
> and I get to secure the system myself. I won't have to depend on
> someone to update software, setup security policies, etc. Since I have
> root access, I have the ability to install or program software. We
> were able to program, administrate, and run Monopoly (and soon to to
> be Uno), all through a VPS, which wouldn't be possible on a shared
> host like BlueHost.
> I suppose a VPS wouldn't be a good solution for someone who is new to
> Linux, but someone could always learn. It is not the best idea to be
> dependent on the shared hosting company to secure the server for you.
> -Ryan
> www.rsgames.co.nr
> Come join Monopoly, winner of the BlindBargain's accessible game of
> the year, for free, with over 2500 players!

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