Hi all,
Hmmm…Let’s try and steer things back to gaming. I know many of you are
interested in knowing more about Windows 7, but it is really getting
off topic now. Let’s try and get back to gaming. However, I will
answer one more question publicly before I close this area of
discussion for good.
Windows 7 still has a desktop. The only difference is that the new
desktop, Windows Arrow, has been graphically enhanced and has a new
virtual 3d look and feel to it. The Windows Arrow desktop is in large
part why Windows 7 needs twice the processor speed and ram than XP.
All those flashy graphics and animation etc take a lot more memory and
CPU power to run as well as XP did on less powerful machines. Windows
Arrow is a CPU and memory hog, but like everything else it mainly is
there to impress the sighted masses.
Anyway, these days the main purpose of the desktop is a place where
sighted computer users can post photos of their family, friends, etc
and look at them in the background. That is one of the deciding
reasons why the Computer Documents, Music, and Picture icons etc are
now in the start menu and not on the desktop. It removes everything so
a sighted user can see his/her photographs without a bunch of icons
and what-not in the way of his/her view.
Of course, we can still drag and drop icons on the desktop, manually
create links to our Documents, Music, and Picture folders, etc and
place them on the desktop, but they are not there by default. As I
said before the main reason they are not there by default is simply
that it obstructs a sighted users view of the desktop, his/her
favorite photographs, and therefore isn’t desirable in the minds of
many mainstream users. For us, though, since we can’t see photos etc
the desktop happens to be a nice place to keep all our favorite icons
in one place. Unfortunately, there isn’t any need to do that since
Windows 7 keeps track of your commonly used apps and makes a list of
commonly used icons in your start menu already.


On 7/10/10, weis...@googlemail.com <weis...@googlemail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> No, jim, the desktop will unlikely disapear, since it is something
> everybody, and I do mean everybody, uses.
> Kevin

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