Hi Thomas,

I was only referring to one needing the latest C++ libraries to be able to run 
your newest beta 13 of MOTA.  And that before that you had again changed your 
mind and again rewritten MOTA to or not to need the newest Microsoft software 
or a third party app for your game to run.  I had down loaded MOTA beta 12 
because I thought that in that rewrite you had gone with I believe straight C++ 
and DirectX and with that I thought that I would be able to run that version of 
your game without the fear of needing to install up grades etc that might blow 
up my computer.

BTW I Kitchensinc definitely have not been left in the dust as you stated.  I 
receive Email from new and old fans daily.  But hey maybe one day if you ever 
put out and support one game, it may be the day that I am left in the dust.  
But hey, I ain't worried about it at all cause what has it been four or near 
five years since you bought out James North?  And I have put out quite a few 
very popular games in that time.

Speaking of spell checkers, It doesn't seem that you yourself ever have used 


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Hello Jim,
Ok, now you have seriously made me angry. You said, "I do understand a
person's personal choice to run the latest greatest hugest new
software, but in Thomas's case he is also forcing his prospective
customers to do
the same." That is an absolute and total falsehood. Maybe you should
get your facts straight before you shoot off your mouth as that is not
true. So here are the facts.
Number one, my Genesis Engine uses DirectX 8.1. That is absolutely not
the latest version of DirectX, and one reason I chose to do that
instead of use DirectX 9 or higher is because it comes with every PC
with Windows XP on up to Windows 7. Not only that DirectX 8.1 has
proven itself to be very stable, and still is the standard DirectX
version supported by many mainstream games and game companies.  I
doubt I'm going to upgrade to DirectX 9 or higher until things like
XAudio2 become more common and have been proven to be a stable game
development API.
Number two, my games will run on Windows 2000 SP4, Windows XP SP3,
Windows Vista, and Windows 7 equally well. The only thing you need is
a 6 MB Visual C++ update that can be installed on any PC running
Windows 2000 SP4 or higher. The way you are acting here is like
everyone must be running Windows 7 or something to run my games which
is totally false. The only thing you need for Windows XP is a couple
small Windows patches/updates which is not too much to ask in my
opinion. If you can't stand installing a few common Windows dll files
then please don't play my games. I don't have any time or patients to
put up with this irronious attitude of yours that you have to have the
latest and greatest everything to play my games as you are gravely
Number three, although my Genesis Engine does support a virtual 3d
environment guess what? In the settings menu of the fps version of
Mysteries of the Ancients there is a sound card option that allows you
to use virtual 3d or stereo panning. Why on earth would I do something
like that hmmmmm?
Oh, it couldn't be that I understand that not all VI gamers have a
high end sound card like Soundblaster Audigy Pro and might have to
reconfigure the game to use a lower end sound card with only basic
stereo output rather than virtual 3d audio output? Oh, It wouldn't
happen to be I know not everyone has a 5.1 speaker setup and only use
my games with stereo headphones so need a 2d stereo configuration
setup for audio?
The fact of the matter is Jim I bend over backwards to try and meet my
customers needs to design games that will work for everyone. Yes, if
that means I have to use newer Windows dll files to make my games more
stable for Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7  I will do it. However,
you can not sit there and expect me to use older libraries just
because users like yourself are too darn stubern or too afraid of
blowing his/her computer up by installing a 6 MB patch that updates a
few common Windows libraries. I'm sorry to say but in my opinion that
is just being thick headed, stupid, and too stubern to change even if
it might actually improve things for you and make a slightly more
stable and better product in the long run.
Finally, there is one other thing to take in account here. You have
mentioned many times you like Visual Basic 6 and like Windows XP and
are happy with it. That's fine as far as it goes, but I don't think
you personally care if your games run on Windows 7 or whatever comes
after Windows 7 because you have no plans to upgrade etc. Well, some
of us do care about such things.
I realize that Windows XP isn't going to be around forever so I have
chosen to adopt a programming standard that hopefully will be
compatible with both new and older Windows releases for some time to
come. Once and a while that may mean upgrading or adopting a newer API
or dll file that maintains some level of compatibility with XP all the
way up to Windows 7 and beyond.  I'm not forcing you or anyone to
upgrade to the absolutely latest Windows release out there. I'm only
making it possible that if you or anyone else wants to upgrade you
will be able to run my products just as well on the newer Windows
releases as you did on your previous release. Now, tell me what is so
wrong with this approach?



I wouldn't even write Email without a spell checker.

(440) 286-6920
Chardon Ohio USA
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