Hello Angela,
I’m very sorry to hear you feel that way about it, but the fact of the
matter is there is very little excuse why someone cannot do a little
proofreading and run a free spell checker to try and make a few
spelling corrections once and a while. Keep in mind here we aren’t
asking you or anyone to be a perfect speller, put every punctuation
mark in the correct place, but we do ask that you try to do your best
to make the e-mail presentable and most of all legible. To the best of
your ability. As I said earlier it is very obvious when someone is
trying and when someone is not trying when very simple words such as
punch is misspelled. We are not trying to criticize but to point out
the fact that some members could put a little more effort towards
making their messages easier to read by doing a little more
Now, if you want to call me a Nazi for doing that so be it, but I tell
you asking someone to do a little proofreading to make their e-mails
easier to read and comparing me with a bunch of mass murderers is
utterly ridiculous.  If you want to know what true Nazism is about
read your history books  before you get on a list like this tossing
unfounded insults around like that. Personally, I can’t help feel you
are not a very nice person for saying something like that.


On 7/17/10, Angela Lerma <amle...@roadrunner.com> wrote:
> I didn't know Hitler had been re-born.  I cannot believe you are going to
> criticize people for not being able to either proofread or spell correctly.
> I'm done with this list.  It is totally ridiculous.  I'll start my own list
> where people can be themselves.  Anyone else that feels this way can feel
> free to email me off list.  I'm not in to Nazism
> A very upset ex-list member.

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