Hi all, just responding to all the messages in this thread rather than 1
by 1.

Tom, I don't know if Mixie has a port on other platforms. However the
author answers emails and seems like a real person, meaning that he's
interested in reaching out to his audiences. I've reported a few
oddities with the Moxie game and he's responded with acknowledgments.

Hayri, I have the iPhone 3GS. I was cheap and didn't spring for the 4
and didn't spring for more space. I did this because the phone was $99
instead of much hgher prices and also in case I ended up hating the
thing I would not be out too much money.

Peter, here's how to play. Basically you have to build words going
across. So what I do is place consenants at the beginning, as an
example, if I get the letter T, I tap the 11 button. Then if I get an h,
I tap the 12 button. Now I have a word starting with t and h. Now if I
get an E, I tap the 13 button. Now I have the word "t H E" which is of
course the. So as you get new letters, tap the box where you want to
place the letter. You can tap boxes to replace letters in case you want
to change something. Let's go back to my example of the word "the", if I
get the letter N, I add it to box 14 which makes it the word then. Now
if I when the letter W, I tap box 11, replacing the T of then and making
it when instead. So keep doing this over and over until you use up the
letters. If you come across a letter which you don't think you will be
able to use or which might break your chain and give you a twaddle
causing you to lose points, tap the pass button at the bottom.


Raul A. Gallegos
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